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    Comment Posted 19 Sep 2010 4:38 AM

    @LukeConcept I like the quality of your entries #7773 and 7789. The thing I less like is the round shapes and the middle part of the icon, where the two persons comes together. It looks like a eye or the little person have some pigtail.

    Please try to get some digital on it, what also let see some access to different endpoints.

    I'm looking forward to see some new entry.

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    Comment Posted 18 Sep 2010 7:26 PM

    Thank for the feedback.
    is there any input to make it better ..?

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    Comment Posted 18 Sep 2010 12:14 PM

    @lukecontest: I like the style you submitted already.

    We like the direction of the new GreanIdeas entries, with the digitall access card. Can you also try something in that direction? A digital access card with a subtle hint to education, not to much.

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    Comment Posted 17 Sep 2010 2:59 PM

    @montagimini #7778 - The icon looks nice and playful. May be the icon is a little bit too minimalistic. It will be the power of your entry, so don’t try add to much.

    @GreenIdeas #7783 - This looks very promising. We see a digital access card. What is exact the idea of the things in the icon. It could also be an icon of a electronic company, the card looks like electronic print board. Did you tried to display some people / children? This is positive feedback, don’t get us wrong. May be it’s an idea to display in a subtle way some education icon on the card. Find a subtle focus, not too much.

    @GreenIdeas #7786 - We don’t understand the meaning of this icon. Can you explain?

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    Comment Posted 17 Sep 2010 7:15 AM

    Dear GreenIdeas,

    By direct messages you asked me for some additionally feedback.

    Fonts: We had some preference for lower case fonts. This will be more calmly / quietly and support our style wish: Quiet

    Education over the head: There’s too much focus on education. We are primary an ICT company that develops software for the education sector. So a bit quietly focus, but not too much. It isn’t required to use an image of a child / person.

    Key: A lot of entries use a key as symbol. This will let me think about a classic locksmith. We are making a product named PassePartout. In Dutch that means an entry digital access card that gives access to different (education) endpoints. The point of OpenID is that the user will required to logged in one time, further calls will check there’s a active session.

    Feedback of you last entries:
    7774: The use of round shapes is good, it brings some playful character. The icon is simple and that’s satisfying our wish.

    7775-7777: The use of the hand displays a STOP sign instead of hallo. The lower side of the icons looks like an eye. This is not wanted because that will represent ‘some big-brother-is-watching-you’ meaning.

    Summarize: 7774 is the right direction we want to, it’s simple, playful and abstract. However the eye icon will not fit our wish to bring trust.

    Kind Regards,
    Ruald Ordelman

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    Comment Posted 17 Sep 2010 2:02 AM

    I've ranked the entries. Looks like entries 7771 and 7772 are on the right (abstract) way. Hopefully all of you would make some new designs in that abstracy way.

    Sad to see that i can't rank the entries witch are 'withdrawn by the user'

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    Comment Posted 16 Sep 2010 2:23 PM

    Hi Ruald

    Thanks for your great feedback and interest for developing your logo.

    You can always keep the preferred logos rank and delete the rest that you do not like in order to give us an indication to follow up for final design.


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    Comment Posted 16 Sep 2010 2:27 AM

    Today we decided that the target group is from 5 till 20 years.

    We also want to see the entries more abstract, like the examples in the contest. That icon's means nothing, but representing some direction. Our direction is Education(5-20), trust(OpenID / OAuth) and communities with digital content. Please try to design an abstract logo with these tree elements. Some of the entries displays only one of these elements.

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    Comment Posted 15 Sep 2010 1:24 PM

    Dear people,

    Looks like the entries goes the right way.

    Please note that we are looking for a logo that can be used on official letter post and for website usage. This is the reason we asked for abstract icon. Please don’t use background colors and vertical orientated icons. We want an icon where the text and icon can be separated. It must include the product name PassePartout and displays an icon representing education / identity / OpenID.

    About the above reasons the following numbers are not matching: 7726(product name), 7730(background) 7738, 7751 and 7742 (can’t be separated)

    The following numbers are on the right way: 7736, 7741, 7748 and 7759.

    Hopefully this information will give some inspiration. Monday 09.00 european time, I will choose tree items to work out further.

    Kind regards,

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    Comment Posted 14 Sep 2010 3:24 AM

    This first entries looks promising. Probably a little bit more emphasize on OpenID / Trust / Identity.

    The current ones has a bit too much focus on classic education. PassePartout will be an Identity provider for digital content.

    Im looking forward to see more.

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