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Hey Mark,

I've created a custom font based on the shapes of the stethoscope(when opened) which is often used by doctors. It's serious and yet a bit playfull because of the smart relationship with the stethoscope shapes.

It's a simple, memorable and powerfull logotype which portrays professionality. I really believe that the medical sector must start using design in a smarter and more professional way. Therefore i chose to create a logo which is to be taken seriously. It's a serious, professional job and therefore it needs a professional image. The little medical icon added to the right is to emphasize the medical part.

The current colourscheme is derived from colours often found in hospitals and doctors clothing. This ofcourse, can be altered in a later stage.

If you like the logo, i'm willing to help out finding a good colourscheme which you can also apply to the look&feel of the website.

I sincerely hope you like it.